she smashed her knuckles into winter

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it ain't the mark or the scar that makes you one
bending bones
DISCLAIMER: Everything I write about uses real people in fictional situations. I own nothing but plots, and mean no disrespect to any of those actual people I happen to mention or use in my stories. What I write is entirely non-profit and I am gaining nothing of monetary value from writing them.

NOTE: I will be posting mainly to AO3, though I will still be crossposting here for a while, as well. Please head on over to my AO3 where there is, in my opinion, a better reading experience.

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The First and Simplest Emotion
Dream a little bigger
Title: The First And Simplest Emotion
Author: cherry_road
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Minor, minor gore it almost isn't even there, and minor character death.
Word Count: 9,080
Betas: The lovely emilie_kitten and lady_fro. ♥ Also major props to my artist, red_rahl for basically being my soundboard and for creating such a beautiful piece of art to be inspired from. You are fantastic, m'dear, and I hope this fic lives up to your expectations.
Summary: But Eames—if Eames were to find out about Arthur the Android, and Arthur almost snorted at the alliteration, if Eames were to find out... Well, Arthur would miss moments like this.
Author's Notes: Written for the i_reversebang. Do not fear - more will be coming from this 'verse shortly.

To see the absolutely amazing art by red_rahl for both this story and the other written off of the same prompt, click here!

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Leave a Dream Where the Fallout Lies
JGL smiling close-up
Hey guys! I know it's been a while. I have actually been writing, which I know is hard for everyone to fathom, but it's been a bit slow going (this week is standardized test/exam week D: kill me now). However! Something I wrote at the end of December last year has finally been posted, but it's not being posted at this journal so I'm going to tell you about it.

I know I've exclusively written about My Chemical Romance (or related persons) in the past, and it has been RPF. This time, I'm doing something a little different. Not because I don't like MCR/RPF anymore (because that's definitely not the case), but because for the first time ever I'm super involved in a fandom that isn't bandom and I'm so dlsk;fjlgkjfldkfjlgEEEEE about it all the time. So I wrote fic for it, and more fic is in the works.

Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
For: fakebody's Secret Santa Fic Exchange 2010, originally posted here

Title: Leave a Dream Where the Fallout Lies
Rating: PG-13 for violence, language, OS main character death within canon and zombies (:D?)
Word Count: 7,027 words
Summary: A vaguely steampunk-slash-space AU. And here they were, in the middle of space without an asteroid or planet in sight, trying to rescue Robert Fischer from zombies. And Arthur was still enraptured with a deckhand. Arthur was as confused about where his life was headed as much as anyone else was.
Disclaimer: Purely for entertainment value, and I gain no monetary profit from writing this.

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Not So Bad
Frank's a diva + Gerard
I tend to write too many cliché things. >_> Uh, anyway, here's fluffy, blanket hurt/comfort!

Not So Bad
Frank/Gerard || 1,800 words (actually just one word shy, but whatever)
It turns out back luck can always turn back around.

Thanks to my lovely beta, lady_fro who helped me because I kept getting confused by my tenses in the middle of a sentence (seriously, MIXING UP TENSES IS SATAN INCARNATE).

For the amazing emilie_kitten, because even though I've written pointless fluff, I hope she'll like it anyways. ♥

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Oddly Fitting
Oddly Fitting
Major thanks to my lovely beta, emilie_kitten

Interweaving love-polygons within My Chemical Romance (and in only 977 words). Story focuses on Lindsey/Alicia, but it's quasi-canon so obviously Gerard/Lindsey and Alicia/Mikey are there as well. Implied Frank/Gerard, for my own indulgence. (Also for my own indulgence is this icon, which I specifically uploaded just for this fic.)

For xmexandxyoux, it's terribly short but I hope you enjoy it. :)

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Graphics I Loved From 2009, Master Post
Instead of posting all of the graphics I made in the past year (because, let's face it, it's not that many) or even posting all of the fics I've written in the past year (again, a very short list), I've decided to post all of the icons and banners that I've saved in 2009. It's basically a huge pimping post for everyone whose journals I commented with, "Your icons are gorgeous! ♥ Taking a few, will credit when I use 'em." as either scatterbones or cherry_road.

Again, I will reiterate: These graphics are not made by me, but ones by other LJ users that I have liked so much that I saved them to my computer/photobucket in the plan that I would use them in the future. But, if you want them taken down or want your icon comm credited instead of yourself or something along those lines, I will gladly do so. Just comment me and/or message me about it.

There's a crapton of 'em, 90% MCR, definitely not dial-up friendly. Ordered by type of graphic (still icons, gif icons, then banners) and the artist, alphabetically. You know, in case anyone wanted to save a few of their own, or something. (Which is pretty much the whole point of this post. :D)

Still Icons, Part One
Still Icons, Part Two
GIF Icons

I sincerely thank every artist here for putting their work up on the internet for everyone to see and enjoy in 2009. Hope 2010 will be even more productive for every single icon maker here on LJ! ♥

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Graphics I Loved From 2009, Part Three
Fancy red lights
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Graphics I loved From 2009, Part Two
INOK!kiss trust me
Icons from two thousand nine, part two.Collapse )

Graphics I Loved From 2009, Part One
bending bones
Icons from two thousand nine, part one.Collapse )


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